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Extracting VMware Tools drivers

Hi there,

Today I needed to extract VMware Tools drivers for use in our software deployment project.

Whenever you aleady have an .iso file (grabbing it from your next ESX host or downloading from: VMware Tools Repository) the extraction process is simple and straight-forward:

1. Unpack your .iso file using 7-zip to C:\TEMP

2. Extract the .exe on a DOS commandline:

C:\TEMP> setup64.exe /a /p c:\temp

3. When the Tools-Installer-GUI asks for the destination - just enter c:\temp again.

4 .You will find the drivers in C:\temp\Program Files\VMware\VMware Tools\VMware\Drivers

With the VMware player drivers it's a little more tricky:

1. First find your player version here:
     For Player 5.0.1 it's:

2. Download and untar the File to C:\TEMP

3. Extract the containing MSI file like this (Note: you have to create another subfolder, because extracting to the same directory fails...)

C:\TEMP> mkdir extract
C:\TEMP> tools-windows-9.2.2.exe /a /p c:\temp\extract

4. Navigate to C:\temp\extract and extract tools-windows.msi using 7-zip by right-clicking it and choosing 7-zip>extract here

5. Now we have our .iso file which you can process as described above.

So VMware is publishing a .tar file which contains a .exe which contains a .msi which contains a .iso which contains a .exe which contains our drivers. THIS IS WEIRD!

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  1. Hi,

    i can’t extract the tar-file for Player 5.0.1. I always get “vm_InstallationConfiguration.dat was not found”. I tried to extract “tools-windows-9.2.3.exe.tar” and “tools-windows-9.2.2.exe.tar” with 7Zip (Windows 7 Pro 64, Windows XP Pro) and “tar -xvf ” (Ubuntu).


  2. Hi Marc,

    Sorry for my late reply. I just tried the process again and it seems that VMware has changed something. Maybe the file on the webserver is broken? I will do some investigations and report soon 🙂

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