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check_mk multisite auto-login

Today I changed the logon mechanism on our OMD based check_mk multisite nagios instance to the cookie-based method.

I ran into the same problem as everybody else - our wall-mounted kiosk monitoring infoscreen refused to do auto-logon like http://user:pass@omdhost/site/check_mk/

After some investigations in the script I tried something and succeeded instantly. The simply does not care if you supply the data via GET or POST, just be sure to set all the variables

Use following Syntax:




Make sure you create a regular user (not an automation account) and set a proper password (no special characters as you want to pass it in a url...)

If you have any questions about that, feel free to ask!

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  1. Thanks mate, this saved my day

  2. Hello,
    I tried to use that URL but it won’t work for me.
    But when i changed URL to this syntax http://omdhost/site/check_mk/ it worked fine.
    This might be useful.

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